Sharing reviews with your friends!

So you’ve just written a review for your latest race, now what? Share it with your friends and tell everyone about it! Racevine now has two super simple ways to share your reviews.

Post to your Facebook wall – Once you complete your review, simply click the Facebook button (will ask you to login if you’re not already) and it will add a post to your wall that looks like this:


Tweet to your Followers – You’ve been able to share your reviews on Facebook for a little while now, but now we’ve added another one-click button to share your reviews through Twitter.  Similar to our Facebook sharing, after you’ve submitted the review, simply click the Twitter button and you’ll get to post your review link straight to your feed.  You’ll can also edit your tweet before sending it out.  Your tweet will look something like this:


We hope you enjoy the new features and can’t wait to read about your latest race! We’re always looking for better ways to help share your experiences so if you have any questions or suggestions, please send us an email, we’d love to hear from you :).

Help us spread the word! Now you can share your @racevine reviews on Twitter!


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